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School Hours

School is in session for all grade levels Kindergarten through Fifth grade
Monday-Thursday 8:50-4:00
Friday is Early release 8:50-2:00


Welcome back to school, Fruitvale families!

We are ready for the 2020-2021 school year. Our protocols have been adjusted in order to prioritize student safety and well-being. Fruitvale’s plan aligns with School District #51, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, US/CDE Departments of Education and state and local health departments. We will continue to focus on your children’s academic and social & emotional needs. We will just be doing so wearing masks and working in larger space bubbles. The protocols for arrival, moving about during the school day, and dismissal are outlined below:  


8:30-8:50 -Breakfast

8:45-8:50-Those Not eating breakfast

  • Symptom screening by all students and staff prior to school starting each day.
  • Since, student belongings cannot be stored together, backpacks should not be brought to school. Please provide a lunchbox for lunches/snacks and a water bottle. No homework or papers will be sent back and forth from school to home.
  • Students need to wear masks in order to enter the building and/or to ride the bus (provided by family).
  • Students should arrive between 8:30 and 8:45 to eat breakfast. There will be no supervision or entrance to the building prior to 8:30. Extended Hours services are available before school for a fee. Please call 970-241-3603 for more information.
  • When students arrive, K-1 students will enter through the cafeteria door. 2nd-3rd will enter through the main entrance, and 4th -5th will enter through the entrance near the gym. Students will grab a breakfast bag and find a seat with their cohorts (Cohort=class). If not eating, students will obtain a Chromebook and find a seat with their cohort (social distancing 3-6 ft. apart).
  • Only students and staff will be allowed access to the building. Family members should remain in their vehicles.

School Day 8:55-4:00










  • A Buff/Gaiter style Fruitvale mask will be provided to students as they enter the classroom each day. This will allow students to easily pull the mask down when not in use and pull-up when working in close proximity to one another in the classroom or when entering common areas. These masks will be kept at school, stored overnight in a labeled baggie, and cleaned weekly by the health assistant. Thank you to our PTA for purchasing these masks for all of our staff and students!
  • Individual classes (cohorts) will be kept together for a significant part of the day.
  • Students will be grouped by grade level for lunch in the cafeteria and play in zones assigned to classes/cohorts (weekly rotation).
  • If students receive instruction in a small group setting, outside of the regular classroom, they will wear masks, wash hands before re-entering the classroom and workspaces will be wiped down between groups.
  • Only staff and students will access the building beyond the office area. Parents may conduct essential business in the office area as needed. Please wear a mask.

Dismissal 4:00







  • Parents may wait in their cars in the loading zone (2 lanes, in front of the building, or park in a parking space and wait on the front sidewalk. Kindergarten parents use kindergarten loop on the north side of the building.
  • Students will be waiting in a line with their cohorts for parent pick-up. They will use the sidewalk to meet their parents at the car or front walk. A staff member will walk them to the car if crossing traffic is necessary.
  • Busses will load in the south loop. Masks must be worn in order for students to board and ride.

At this time we DO NOT have a lost and found area. If you clearly label your child's belongings (lunch box, coats, sweatshirts, hats, etc.) we will return the item to your student. Otherwise the item will be thrown out or will be donated to Goodwill.
Thank you for your understanding.


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January 18th and 19th- No School

  10 Face Mask Videos for Kids and Teens to Help Them Stay Healthy

Remember to  wear your face masks from home

Fruitvale Elementary Now Accepting Credit Card Payments for School Supply Fees

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