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  Second Grade

2nd Grade Parent Night

(here is the PPT if you missed it!)

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Raz-Kids Practice (log-in required)


Get your own public library card!

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Read Aloud Stories

Wacky Web Tales

Owl & Mouse


IXL Practice  (log-in required)

Math symbols

Addition Fluency (Strategies)

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives

illuminations (NCTM website)

math games

"Investigations" Math games

to be introduced in our classes soon!

(Feel free to print PDF links below for extra practice at home!)


Rules for the Game Game Boards Materials
Make 10 Rules Primary Cards
Tens Go Fish Rules Primary Cards
Collect 25 Cents Rules
Collect 50 Cents Rules
Plus 1 or 2 Bingo Rules Plus 1 or 2 Bingo Game Board Primary Cards
Double It Double It Sheet Primary Cards
Doubles Arrays Doubles Arrays Sheet Primary Cards
Beat the Calculator Problem Cards
Close to 20 Close to 20 Score Card Primary Cards
Cover Up Cover Up
Collect $1.00 Score Sheet
Get to 100 100 Chart Score Sheet

Roll-a-Square Board One

Roll-a-Square Board Two


fact monster

Home of - Games, Puzzles, and Interactive Learning for Elementary Students, Preschool Kids and

Math Fact Cafe

Flash Cards

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives

Math Fact Cafe

Flash Cards

arrow going around the globe2nd Grade Science Web Sites 

Internet Safety:

iKeepSafe Internet Safety Coalition -Faux Paw the Techno Cat

NetSmartz - Internet Safety for Everyone & Games

Just for Fun:

PBS KIDS  - Have fun with PBS

Discovery Kids :: Home Page :: Discovery Kids

Zoo Books

National Geographic Kids