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Mesa County Libraries

   Wacky Web Tales

Raz-Kids Practice (log-in required


Math:Math symbols

IXL Practice  (log-in required)

Addition Fluency (Strategies)

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives

illuminations (NCTM website)


math games

"Investigations" Math games

to be introduced in our classes soon!

(Feel free to print PDF links below for extra practice at home!)


Make a Dollar Make a Dollar Recording Sheet Coin Cards
Close to 100 Close to 100 Recording Sheet Digit Cards
Collect $2.00

Collect $2.00

Recording Form

Capture 5 Capture 5 Recording Form

Change Cards +/- 10-30

Change Cards

+/- 1-3

Go Collecting Go Collecting Recording Sheet Go Collecting Cards
Capture on the 300 Chart Capture on the 300 Chart Recording Sheet

300 Chart

Change Cards +/- 10-200

Change Cards +/- 1-5

How Far from 100? How Far from 100? Recording Sheet Digit Cards
Capture from 300-600 Capture from 300-600 Recording Sheet

300-600 Chart

Change Cards Set 1

Change Cards Set 2

Collections Match Collections Match Recording Sheet Collections Cards

Factor Pairs

Array Cards
Missing Factors Missing Factors Recording Sheet

Equation Game

("Number sentence") Practice

Concentration Game

(equivalent numbers, shapes, fractions, & multiplication facts)

Math Fact Cafe

Flash Cards


Harcourt Science

NASA For Kids

Internet Safety:

iKeepSafe Internet Safety Coalition


Just for Fun:

Zoom Animals


Discovery Kids

National Geographic Kids